The Best Days

Tell me, what was the best day of your life?

Hesitating much? It’s not so easy, is it?

But when you do find that day. That hour. That minute. Perhaps even that second.

And you will find it because it will haunt you until you do.

You’ll find it wasn’t quite extraordinary.

Maybe you threw off your shoes and ran through the grass on the first real day of spring.

Maybe you stood there as the heavens opened and the rains poured down on you. And you danced. With your friends. The water soaking through your sorrows. Cleansing you of pain and worry.

Maybe you took cover from the storm in a playground tunnel. And you all smiled at the little kid who peeked in and giggled. And you wiggled your toes at him in response.

Frick Park, Pittsburgh, PA April 13th 2017

When We Lose Ourselves

This is long overdue
And it does not come easily
But it needs to be said
Because I’m tired of lying
To myself.
It’s funny
How we ache
When we lose ourselves
But do not even realize
That we are drifting.
I’ve missed these words
But I didn’t even know until
I reached for the pen
And it was buried
Deep in my skin.
So now, I am pulling it out.
Forgive me if I bleed
And scream a bit
In the process.
It might take some time
For the words to come back
Because I am out of practice.
The ink has seeped into my veins.
I cannot hate it
For trying to write in my blood.
For trying to write the words inside
So they would not die
On my lips
Before I sewed them shut.